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Fourth DUI Offense

Chances are quite high that a person facing a fourth DUI in Washington will be held in custody while their case is pending unless they can post what will likely be very high bail or bond.

The judge has an obligation to consider the safety of the community when deciding whether to allow an accused person to be released from custody.

Often, the judge will rule on the side of caution in this regard and may not be satisfied to let the person be free in the community, even if the person offers to have an ignition interlock device or be on electronic home detention. An experienced Washington State DUI lawyer will know the best arguments to persuade a judge from holding a person in custody while their case is pending.



License Suspension

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Ignition Interlock

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Penalties of a 4th DUI Conviction

The penalties for a DUI conviction become increasingly harsh with each subsequent offense. So, while a first-time DUI offender may get by with a “slap on the wrist,” a person with a fourth conviction for DUI is facing very serious consequences, even if one or more of the three prior DUIs occurred a long time ago.

There is a misunderstanding that many people have about DUI sentences; they believe that if the prior DUIs are outside of 7 years, the judge cannot sentence them beyond the mandatory minimum for a first offense.

This is not the case. Although the judge may not impose less than the mandatory minimum, when it is a second, third, or fourth DUI conviction, the risk of getting a year in jail increases proportionally.

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The prosecution does not necessarily need to prove that the person gave a breath or blood sample above the legal limit; they only need to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the person’s driving was affected by an impairing substance.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers in most agencies in Washington have the goal of pulling over three cars per hour. The primary purpose of this goal is to locate and arrest drivers who have been drinking. They will stop a vehicle for the slightest driving irregularity or minor equipment violation. Once they smell the odor of alcohol, an arrest is imminent, whether or not the driver performs the voluntary field sobriety tests. The officer has the power to search the vehicle upon arrest and, except sometimes in the case of a commercial or farm transport vehicle, must impound the vehicle, causing the driver to pay towing and impound fees to get their vehicle back.


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What is a Felony DUI?

“There are three classic or specific circumstances when a DUI would actually be elevated to a felony” 

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